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Alan Park


  Alan is our in house Senior Remedial Massage Therapist at Boran.   He graduated from Australasian College of Natural Therapy   where he acquired his Diploma of Remedial Massage.  During his   training he worked at the Queensland Tennis Centre and learned   extensively about human anatomy and physiology.  He is   experienced in treating different types of disfunctions and bodies,   general postural maintenance to rehabilitation, working with   athletes and office workers alike. Alan's goal is to help people   move freely in a way that we are designed to move as he's   passionate about fitness and training.  He's also a qualified and   practicing crossfit trainer.  Book in with Alan today and achieve        enhanced mobility and relief from pain and discomfort.  




Kimberlee King

 Kim has recently become a team member at Boran. She is      registered with ANTA and holds a Diploma of Remedial      Massage. Kim has honed her skills as a Massage Therapist over  the past three years in and around Brisbane and is fully qualified  in Remedial, Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy and modern     Myofascial Cupping.    

 Kim's treatments are tailored to suit the individual, using a  combination of deep tissue, remedial massage, trigger point  therapy and relaxation techniques in order to improve movement,  eradicate tension from the muscles and bring about an overall  sense of wellbeing. 

 Kim will happily design a holistic based treatment catering to her  client needs for each and every treatment.



Emilio Schmidt

  Emilio completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage at central   TAFE in Perth in 2014 and has been working full-time since then   as a remedial therapist.  Following his own career in competitive   sport, Emilio has worked with professional teams as well as in   clinic with  clients from all walks of life.  He is proficient in a wide   variety of massage techniques including trigger points,   pregnancey massage, MFR, deep tissue, MLD, stretching and   activation exercises and can provide firmer pressure if needed.  


  Emilio plans this year to expand his qualifications to include dry   needling and also personal training.  Come in to Boran and let   Emilio help you  manage your pain and stress more effectively.




Stasha Lazarevic

  Stasha graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science and   developed a passion for massage over more than 10 years.

  Stasha offers the full suite of Boran Massage treatments such as   Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point, Sports, Remedial, Deep   Tissue, Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage.  She is a passionate   educator for her clients in the area of health, be it exercise or   stretch prescription to encourage your body’s recovery process and   to help you have a greater understanding of how you can help your   body be at its optimum state.

  Stasha studied at Q Academy and Holistic Health Centre where she   obtained her qualifications in Remedial Massage.  She holds a   Senior First Aid Certificate and is committed to ongoing education.

  Stasha is a registered provider with all major private health funds   with the exception of HCF and Police Union Health, for these funds we offer $20 off her 60 min+ treatments upon presentation of your private health fund card.  Stasha's background has included private hospital and pharmaceutical work dispensing medications, she has provided spa and massage services at one of Brisbane’s leading hotels and offered rehabilitation massage at sport centric facilities.  Book in today to see Stasha and let her help you gain relief from chronic pain and discomfort.


Mitch Bobbermein

   Mitch joins the team at Boran after studying his Diploma of    Remedial  Massage at the Endeavour College of Natural Health    Brisbane. Mitch has come from a 7 year trade background and    is a very relatable and likable young guy who hopes to offer his    clients the very best. His interest in natural health pushed him to    grow his knowledge and develop the multiple skills needed to    give the best results to his clients. Always keen to get to know    his clients and taylor treatment plans that will best suit their    individual needs, whether it be a sport injury,  postural    dysfunction, or general maintenance. Mitch is a gifted therapist    who can help you regain lost range of motion through the use of    proven remedial techniques such as Soft/ Deep tissue massage,    Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Cupping and more.


Mitch is also qualified in Dry Needling to better treat specific muscles and pin-point problem areas.  Mitch is a registered provider with all major private health funds.


Emma Trotter 

 Emma graduated from Endeavour College of Natural health and  holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage.  She is also certified in  Swedish Massage and Dry needling. 

 As a therapist her aim is not only to relieve any superficial  symptoms present but also to use her skills and knowledge to  help clients resolve the underlying issues that lead to such  conditions. This can be done through postural assessment, Range  of Motion testing, analysis, medical history and everything in  between.  Emma's assessment continues throughout her  treatments. She believe's the best method of identifying issues is  by feeling the muscles, tissues, tendons and fibres of the body  while remaining conscious of  her clients' response. 


Emma believe's in using a wide range of techniques specific to each client such as myofacial release, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger pointing, sports, lymphatic drainage, cupping and dry needling.  She uses these techniques to restore function and improve mobility, all while focusing on the client’s individual needs & goals.

By adjusting her treatments to the needs of her client, she's able to achieve a happy medium between relaxation and a (sometimes painful) resolution.  Her goal is to help you manage your pain and to take part in the process through stretches, strengthening exercises and minor lifestyle changes outside of the clinic.  This way every session adds value rather than the clients coming back every other week for a short-term fix of a long-term problem.

Her interests centre on lower back, shoulder and neck pain, with specific interest in the way stress both mentally and physically affects the body.  She additionally has special interest in nerve conditions such as carpel tunnel, tennis/golfers elbow and sciatica.  She's fascinated by how both facia and joints affect muscle tension; because of this she hopes to continue her studies in Musculoskeletal Therapy, then eventually Chiropractic Science.


Annie Watling - Clinic Manager


 Annie is our bright and bubbly Clinic Manager at Boran who’s eager to  take care of you before and after your massage treatment.  A friendly  and positive professional, Annie continually strives to ensure you feel  welcome, comfortable, and cared for.  Gaining a Diploma in Beauty  was  the beginning of her fascination for massage and health and  Annie  always knew she'd embark on a prosperous career within this  rewarding  industry.  With a strong background in Customer Service,  Annie will do her utmost to meet your needs and requests and ensure  you'll be counting down the days until your next appointment.  



Rebecca - Junior Receptionist





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