"I had my first remedial massage with dry needle treatment on an old leg and lower back injury. Merryn was professional and within the hour she relieved the pain. Absolutely wonderful service, I will be back." - Louise S, Clayfield, QLD 


"Just had a great massage here. After doing in my neck and being in stupid amounts of pain, I'm up and running again. Boran Remedial Therapies- highly recommended."- Mark Sheehan, Toowong, QLD


"I just wanted to say that you truly helped me with my Back Pain. I am looking forward to continuing my treatment with you! After many years of seeing Chiroprators, Physio's, Sports Therapists etc,they have not worked for me, but you have already been a god send. I have referred a colleague of mine that suffers from severe back pain. Thanks again Candice." - Krystle L, Warner Lakes, QLD.


"Feeling revived and back to my energized self after another amazing Thai massage. I love that my flexibility is increasing and it makes a real difference when I hit my yoga classes. Thanks again Candice. See you next time!"- Nicola Campbell, Ascot, QLD


"Finally found the road to recovery, been to see chiro, physio, masseuse and chinese healer about my back and shoulder pain, but none got the results that i got from just my first go with Candice." - Con Georgiou, Milton, QLD.  


"I recently had remedial massage and myofascial cupping therapy. Candice is competent well beyond her qualifications. Comprehensive instructions were given on what I should expect to receive from the treatment, and I received exactly what I expected. We also identified the pain site that was causing referred pain in other parts of my body. Overall, the service was excellent, Candice was punctual with the appointment and maintained a perfect poise of professionalism throughout the session. I will definitely be returning on a regular basis." - Timothy C, Stafford, QLD.


"I'd like to let Boran know about Elly's work on the day I visited. She worked magic & provided almost instant pain relief and I wish I could visit everyday! Being an old nurse I am often silently critical of young therapists of any kind. Elly is a lady with a healing touch beyond her years. Professional, kind and considerate and in terms of hygiene standards, shes an excellent handwasher and keeps the work area spotless too. Thank you. I will surely book to see Elly again when I can." - Maria R, Ashgrove, QLD.


"You only get out what you put in, rings the tag line of a breakfast brand that offers calories to your diet at least. This statement though is what really defines soft tissue therapy. Taking the time to work on your body's ability to function correctly through dynamic movement is the key point to increasing recovery, avoiding injury and maintaining technique & strength. For me particularly I use my visits to soft tissue therapy with Julian as an extra training session. I pencil it in and I get prepared. This is the key. If you dont have to mentally prepare to attend your soft tissue therapist, remedial massage therapist or physio it might be time to re-evaluate, because working through knots, adhesions, over toned muscles and biomechanical imbalances can be challenging, and cause some discomfort." - Cameron Bean, Australian Team Age-group Triathlete , Brisbane, QLD.    


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