We have a wide range of products in store to keep you healthy, active and pain free between treatments including our very own natural Health & Wellness range. Products can be purchased in store with or without massage treatments. Mail order available with a flat postage cost of $9.95 Australia wide. For more information please contact our friendly staff on 3266 4224 (Nundah).


Boran Soothing Massage Cream 100g - $14.95  


A warming massage cream that relieves tired, aching joints and muscles. Infused with anti-inflammatory healing properties of Arnica, Calendula and St John's Wort. Apply cream as needed to areas of joint pain and discomfort. Proudly Handmade in Australia.  


Boran Signature Blend Massage Oil 250ml - $24.95


An earthy blend infused with Sweet Orange, Jojoba, Ylang Ylang, Rose and Natural Vitamin E. Made in Australia using only the best essential oils, this high quality blend is designed to leave your skin soft and supple. Why not pair this delightful blend with our 2 piece Oil Burner and deliver professional soothing Hot Oil Massages in your own home .




Boran Lemongrass & Green Clay Soap - $9.95

A Revitalising Experience with Lemongrass well known for its invigorating properties. An excellent 'pick me up' when you're tired and in need of a boost. Contains a high content of Shea Butter and French Theraputic Clay. 100% Handmade in Australia.


Boran Honey Vanilla & Coconut Soap - $9.95


Indulge in the Rich Creamy Lather with Real Honey, French Theraputic Clay, Shea Butter and Vitamin C. 100% Proudly Handmade in Australia.



Boran Cinnamon & Tangerine Soap - $9.95


An Exotic Blend of Aromas Enriched with French Theraputic Clay, Shea Butter and Vitamin C. Made in Australia.  




Ceramic Oil Burner White 2 Piece - $24.95

Fantastic for burning Essential Oils and easy to clean. Use with our Boran Signature Massage Oil Blend and deliver Amazing Hot Oil Massages* at home. If that's not enough,  this Oil Burner's generous bowl size means you can melt some delicious chocolate, gather some strawberries and have a mini fondue! 


*Carefully test and check oil temperature before applying to skin. Please take care when using hot oil as burns and other injuries can occur through improper use.


Back Balls - $39.95

BakBalls can immediately relieve your back pain and stiffness. Using BakBalls daily can loosed a stiff and painful spine, accelerate you recovery from back injuries and reduce the chance of your back pain reoccurring. By exerting localised pressure on stiff joints and muscles, BakBalls allow you to safely self-treat you back pain. 

BakBalls have been designed to match the anatomy of your spine and provide therapeutic force directly onto the most commonly painful regions of the spine. Developed by an Olympic Sports Physiotherapist, BakBalls are unique in the anatomical design, portability and ease of use.   


Fisiocrem – Small $14.95

Fisiocrem – Large $39.95

FisiocremSOLUGEL contains a special combination of natural plant extracts well known for their beneficial effects in providing relief from the symptomatic pain and aggravation associated with common muscle, joint, and soft tissue trauma.

Combining the wisdom of the earliest natural healers with the technology of modern science, the extracts are gently removed from the flowering plants and formed into micro sized particles before being bound into a gel with purified water.

When FisiocremSOLUGEL is applied to the skin with gentle rubbing the solution rapidly releases the active plant ingredients. This rapid release of the high concentrations of natural active ingredients in turn provides you with faster relief from your painful symptoms.

FisiocremSOLUGEL is the ideal natural solution for soft tissue trauma such as bumps, bruises and common muscular aches and pains that result from sport injuries or everyday life.  



Foam Rollers - $35

30cm Length

Foam Rollers are inexpensive and can be a very effective tool in reducing pain due to muscle imbalances and tightness as well as improving flexibility and core strength. Simply rolling over the tender areas in your muscles for a few minutes a day is a great way to increase and maintain your musculoskeletal health. 

When used in combination with an exercise regimen and effective soft tissue massage treatment, foam rollers can improve your sports performance and fitness. 



Resistance Bands $10

Used extensively for rehabilitation, strengthening, stretching and general fitness, Resistance Bands are a fantastic tool to keep you fit and healthy between treatments. They are inexpensive, light, travel well and also used in Pilates and Yoga.




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